Thursday, December 26, 2013

American Justice????? I don't think so....

My vent today is about Ethan Couch. 
Ethan is the Texas kid that killed four people and permanently disabled a fifth and walked away because the judge bought into the joke diagnoses of "Affulenza", that was created by his attorney and the psychologist the attorney paid to diagnose him. . "Affulenza" is a condition that is supposedly due to his being rich and having wealthy parents that severely spoiled him, fixed all his mistakes and set no real boundaries for him or taught him responsibility…Nice huh?                            
OK…fine, so what about the kids that grow up with "Pooritis"?  They grew up in a ghetto or low income neighborhood, with a single mom that either had to work all the time to support them or was a crack ho out living the life?   Either way, they had no one to set boundaries for them either.  Why shouldn't they get the same “Get Out of Jail Free” card?    What is the difference? 
The difference is this; The parents whose children “suffer” from Affulenza are well educated, well dressed, give tax deduction donations to the community, sit on various boards and committees, are well known and can afford to hire an expensive attorney to influence the judge and jury....and many, many times, sadly even in this day and age the color of the kid's skin comes into play.  It isn't right or fair and frankly, to put it bluntly, it sucks.
   We have people like this kid who are exempt from being punished for what they do, and that opens the door for every sleazy attorney wanting to make a buck and a name for himself, to latch onto any client, guilty or not that he feels could get him that fame and fortune.   Because of Ethan Couch and the bad and irresponsible decisions that he made, three families were destroyed (one man lost his wife and his 21 yr old daughter) and a fourth is now fractured, changed and financially and emotionally burdened forever.  The families of those five individuals that had the misfortune of coming into contact with Ethan Couch that night will never be “normal” or “OK” again.  Why should Ethan Couch and his family be allowed to remain basically unscathed by the events he caused?
I am really disgusted and disappointed with the legal system we currently have in play in general.  
I live in Aiken County, South Carolina. A small, rural, area where the locals are as a rule, uneducated and impoverish...and where .there is a HUGE  alcohol and drug problem. among these same locals. Every week you see the same people over and over in The Jail Report" for DUI multiple offences. It pisses me off.
Our entire judicial system is a joke. We have people in jail doing hard time for many years for possession with the intent to distribute Marijuana, yet there are gang members that have killed innocent non-gang members that were caught in gang crossfire, rapists and child molesters, repeat offending thieves, and other criminals that should not be allowed to see the light of day for many years if ever, that are released after doing very little time.  It  just isn't right. Our society's priorities are so misconstrued.
OJ Simpson and Robert Blake showed us that if you are famous and have money that you can get away with murdering your wife that you previously abused.....
Casey Anthony showed us that you can murder your children and go on and live your life like it wasn't a big deal.
It all depends on who you know, how big your bank account is....and how smarmy your over paid crooked attorney is.
They allow victims to be trashed in court to try and make the offender look good.  It doesn't matter that an unarmed 17 yr old Trayvone Martin was cold bloodily murdered..He was on Twitter and Facebook acting like a 17 yr old trying to be "cool" and "street" so he deserved what he got..So, let's make his killer out to be a pillar of the community. But, now, Zimmerman has done nothing but show his true colors hasn't he???  Sadly, it is far too late for justice to be gained for a dead 17 yr old kid and his grieving family....
In America we are supposed to be "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" , but in reality, we are guilty until we find a way to prove our innocence....and/or pay the right people to do it for us.
It is disgusting and makes me sick. We need changes. We need for society to stop all the moaning and nonsense about the President and decisions that our leadership has made that really aren't as important and do something about our judicial system.   
My family and I are far from wealthy. Yet, we are also a very long way from poor .  We fall into the comfortable upper-middle class mold.   We have given our kids all of their needs as well as most of their wants. They were also given boundaries and consequences for crossing them.  They were taught to respect others as well as themselves, and the difference in good and bad decisions, and how to own up to their mistakes no matter how painful it may be. 
They are so not “perfect”, but they were great kids that have grown into wonderful young adults.  It just really makes me angry and also very sad to think that if one of my children were to be accused of something (God forbid and knock on wood that never happens, because we do not have the assets or a “name” in our community), that my child might not be given a "fair trial".
My beautiful, highly intelligent, honor student daughter could  be treated  unfairly and have her life ruined simply because her parents didn't make enough for her to suffer from “Affulenza” and the fact she has olive skin, dark hair,  dark brown eyes and is very Hispanic looking, instead of the blonde and blue eyed “wholesome all-American girl look” that much of society feels you must have in order to be "good" and worth saving.

Our world is a very sad and evil place…..

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