Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I Love You....


      She looked directly into his eyes as he approached her. She knew what was coming, but yet she felt no fear…instead she actually felt relief.  It would soon be over.
No matter what she loved him, she loved him with every ounce of her being and everything she had. She could never leave him, at least now the constant pain and hurt would finally end.
 She laid there on the bed, their bed…the bed that once held so much love and passion, a place she once felt so special, so safe and content.  She missed that time and didn’t understand how it had all turned so dark and cold, so sinister.
 Silent tears escaped her eyes and slowly trailed down her cheeks as she remembered the happy times, the distant past when she saw love in his eyes, a time that was all too brief.  She had held on tightly with both hands for dear life because she loved him so, and with him she had experienced that brief happiness…the only happiness her life had ever known.  She so badly had hoped and prayed that if she held on and was determined, they would somehow find it again.
So….she had stayed. No matter what he said to her, no matter what vile names he called her, no matter how many times he cheated on her, failed to come home….no matter how many bruises, cuts, broken bones…No matter how he threatened her, demeaned her, tormented her ripped her apart or abused her…she stayed and her love and devoted for him never faltered.  In her eyes he was everything.
     She had been lost in her thoughts and was jolted back to reality by the feeling of his breath of her skin.  She realized he was then leaning directly over her.  He reached down and lightly touched her breasts and then ran his hands down over her body.  He leaned down further so that their bodies were touching, and whispered, “I will give you this, you are fucking beautiful, and sexy as hell”, then he nuzzled and kissed her neck, moving to her face and kissing her hard and full on the mouth, his tongue darting into her mouth, full of want, lust and desire.
  His hands explored, fondling and groping her body, then pulling off the panties and tank-top she was wearing, as he slid down kissing and licking all over her body.
  He spread her legs and tasted her, dipping his tongue as deeply into her glistening opening as he could causing her to moan and her body to whither and convulse, he then took her clit between his teeth, exactly as he knew she liked it, and lightly nibbled until her juices began to flow…he lapped them up like he was dying from thirst and she were a fresh flowing spring.  He continued to work her over with his tongue giving her the pleasure he knew she had been craving until she came in multiple explosions of ecstasy.
   Once her pleasure subsided, he flipped her over and entered her from behind.  It had been a very long time since they had last been together, as he pushed into her she screamed out in both pleasure and pain…but, quickly their bodies moved together in perfect and familiar sync.  Their rhythm, almost orchestrated, and natural.  They came together in almost violent orgasms, both screaming out as they came in union.  
He collapsed on top of her, softy kissing the back of her neck and moving the fingers of one hand through her hair, while clasping one of her hands with his other.
She smiled and sighed and was once again feeling that blissful happiness….she for these few moments felt again like she was truly once again his…even though she knew it wasn’t true and she knew what still was to come.  She began to softly cry, not out of fear, but still just the hurt of his rejection and decided she might as well get this show going before he got too relaxed and fell asleep, postponing the inevitable another day or more.  She whimpered, “I still love you so much baby…”
   He rolled off of her and stood up, pulling up his jeans. “Thanks for that, as always with us, it was good. You were always a good fuck, in fact one of the best fucks I have ever had.  But, I don’t want to hear any of that, ‘love you’, bullshit.  Don’t waste your breath, it don’t change shit.”
She rolled over and looked at him.  He stood there, jeans unfastened after what they had just shared together….something that meant the world to her, but was just another notch on his belt for him… She looked deeply into his eyes, tears still spilling from her own…her heart was now completely broken.  She was ready for her fate. 
   She took a deep breath, “I took vows to you that mean everything to me. I swore to be faithful to you, and to love, honor and cherish you until death do we part. I completely meant that.”
   He glared at her, with empty eyes void of any emotion, and shook his head, “You’re such a fuckin’ loser bitch. So, you’re saying you won’t sign the papers?”  She shook her head, “I’m sorry, I just can’t. I can’t give up on you….on us.”
   He smirked then spit on her. “I despise you, you fucking cunt. Why do you have to make this so hard and ruin everyone’s life?”
  Never breaking his stare from hers, he laughed the most evil cackle she had ever heard, then hissed, “It will be so good to finally be rid of you.  I may go to jail, but you can go to Hell.  I wasted five years of my life here with you…you’re a useless, spineless, piece of shit. Goodbye to bad trash” and with that he grabbed his knife he had stashed under the mattress and plunged it into her. She didn’t scream or even cry out in pain, she just keep her stare locked into his and said, “I Love You” with each and every plunge of the knife until she was no more…

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