Monday, June 29, 2015

Equality For All...

 I was just reading over the 10 million posts from the weekend....the majority were about the Supreme Court ruling on marriage.....and you know what I have learned? We are a VERY arrogant and self-centered country. I kept reading these post from those who are upset about the ruling that said things like, "This is a sign God will be here soon" and "The Lord surely is returning any day now" etc.... Ummmm what makes you all think America is all the God cares about and focuses on? I get so tired of hearing how this and that is pointed out in the Bible and is now happening here....when the Bible was written, America did not exist....
Do you all realize that before Friday when the court ruled here in the U.S. that 21 other countries already have same sex marriage?
It has been legal for:
15 years is the Netherlands...
12 years in Belgium....
10 years in Canada and Spain
9 years in South Africa
6 years in Norway and Sweden
5 years in Argentina, Iceland and Portugal
3 years in Denmark
2 years in Brazil, England, Wales, France, New Zealand and Uruguay...
and this year 2015 the United States joined Ireland in making it legal. (FYI...Finland signed the law in 2015 but it does not go into effect until 2017).
So, what makes you all think that with some countries having this wonderful law placed into effect for 6, 9, 10, 15 years and no end of the world....that suddenly because America does the world will end? Do you ever think the arrogance of our people is the reason so many other countries hate us so much?
I am still trying to understand why so many of you are so upset about this ruling....I have seen some say, "I am in mourning for our country and the impact this will have on my children" are your children gay? if they are then this is a great thing for them, as they can grow up and be happy and marry the person they love....if they are not, it does not impact them at all. Unless you know someone who is gay and are invited to a gay wedding, when someone gets married you will not know it, anymore than you know when a straight couple gets married...unless you stalk the license department at your local courthouse.... because it does not affect your life. If you don't believe in gay marriage, don't have one. If you are invited to one, RESPECTFULLY decline the invitation just you would any marriage you did not approve of. Then it does not concern or affect you in any way shape or form. It's that simple.
So many Christians are so fixated on homosexuality as "The" sin....they don't think about the face the Bible also says adultery is a sin....and the Bible states that the first person you have sex with you are bound in marriage too in the eyes of the many of us are married to the first person we had sex with? How many Christians are on multiple marriages for what ever reason? The Bible gives reasons for divorce, but it also says you are to stay unmarried. There are so many things that Bible says are a sin that we no longer pay attention to....Christians pick and choose it seems. according to the Bibles to go to Heaven, you must accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior..... I know many gay people that have done this. That are also in 100% monogamous marriages (and their marriages are a lot better that 90% of those of my straight friends too) and they donate their time, they tithe, they are the nicest and most loving and genuine caring people you could ever meet....more so than a lot of so called good Christian people that I know in the area that gossip, back stab and betray at the drop of a hat....there is no way that these wonderful people are going to be denied access to Heaven when they have done everything that the Bible has said you need to do, just because of whom they love. God is a loving caring God....he loves, he forgives....if he can forgive the so-called Christians that hurt and belittle others he will forgive someone for who they love if that is even necessary.

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