Friday, May 15, 2015


March 02. 2015
~Shea Clarke

It had been five years today that he placed that band upon her finger and promised to 'Love, Honor and Cherish' her for the rest of his life.
He remembered exactly how beautiful she had looked with the crown of red roses and baby's breath in her hair and the long loose tendrils of silky blonde curls framing her face. Her cobalt blue eyes brimming with tears of happiness as she said the vows back to him.
He had loved her at first site and thought his heart would burst out of his chest when he heard, "I now pronounce you man and may kiss your bride".
Their life together was as close to perfect as a couple could possibly get. He actually had friends tell him how jealous they were of his life with her. He would at random moments during his day just break out in a wide, goofy grin and think to himself, "How the Hell did I get so damn lucky?"
Last Monday he had accompanied her to her doctor's appointment and saw their son, the perfect creation of their love, there on the Sonogram screen. He took the pictures the technician had printed out for him, and hung them on the wall by his desk at work. He proudly showed them off to his co-workers and beamed, "Yes, I am a very lucky man..."
He sat down, and opened the bottle of Champagne and took out the two glasses he had slipped into the pocket of his jacket and sat them next to him. He poured the Champagne and took a deep breath and slowly released it, trying hard not to break down.
He drank both glasses and openly wept.
Yes, today was the fifth anniversary of the day they was also the day he buried her, with their tiny delivered stillborn son placed in her arms.... He whispered, "Happy Anniversary my love"....
He looked at the street where the police markings boldly displayed the spot where a texting truck driver ended his perfect world.
 He wiped his eyes, and slowly walked away, leaving the bottle of champagne and two empty glasses behind...sitting there on the curb in front of the spot his happiness had died.

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