Friday, May 15, 2015

The Voyage...For My Daughter Kayla

As the door slammed shut behind her
she wiped a hidden tear from the corner of her eye
where did it all go wrong?
they use to be so close
when did her sweet baby girl become
this disagreeable tyrant?
it seemed like the night had changed
her smiling little girl into this rebellious, teenage stranger
so full of rage and hate that was impossible for her to understand
she heard the stereo volume go up in the room
and she sank down onto the stairs and wept.
She thought of what use to be...
the ribbons and lace
pig tails and curls
"Play dollies with me mommy"
"make me a paper princess crown"
Where did the time go?
She went down stairs and sank onto the sofa
trying hard to concentrate on the needle point
snuggled under the comfort of the quilt she had made
the squares were created from scrapes of childhood memories...
that sweet smelling baby, the pig-tailed little girl.
She heard the stereo go quiet
followed by footsteps on the stairs.
She looked up to see her standing there before her
basked in the glow of the fireplace
this beautiful, lanky, creature
Part woman and still so much of a child
"can I sit and cuddle with you Mommy?
She puts down the needle work, and lifts the quilt
the rebellious teen has now transformed once again
to the child that finds comfort in her mothers loving arms
As she sits and cuddles and rocks
she is amazed at how perfectly she still fits
Her eyes glisten with tears
tears of both sadness and of joy
She thinks to herself and sighs
"My baby girl, my woman child"
The night has once again transformed
the tidal wave has passed and the sea is once again calm
They had survived yet another storm
As they sail along the course of parenthood

As she guides her on the voyage from childhood.

Shea Clarke

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