Friday, May 15, 2015

Pay Backs

“Something in your eyes provokes a dream”, he said…. I sit here in disbelief, I just cannot fathom the fact he could use such a line on me.
I look down into my drink and stir the ice cubes with my finger nail, trying hard not to burst into fits of hysterical laughter.
He is so clueless; he has no idea who I am.

Should I go along with him? Pretend that his asinine pick up line has made me swoon and  then fawn all over him and set him up for a great fall?
A smirk escapes my lips at the thought, I quickly sip my cosmopolitan to mask it….I wouldn't want him to wonder what kind of wicked thoughts I am having. 
He is still rambling on and on with some macho “ladies man” gibberish. The poor pathetic fool, he has no idea of the fun I have in store for him.
My, my, my,  Kenneth Greene... you stupid, shallow little man. You have no clue as to how your hateful past is about to come back to not only haunt you, but bite you hard where it hurts.

I realize he is waiting for me to respond to his last arrogant remark; he brushes his hand against my cheek and tells me how beautiful I am….
That did it. The final straw. Time to make him my play toy and have a bit of fun before I humiliate him and make him suffer...Just as he did to me all those years ago.

He suggests we go someplace else; I smile a brilliant smile and pick up my purse. Yes, this is going to be fun…..He has plenty of money to spend, and I have plenty of time to enjoy it.

 As we enjoy our evening I’ll make sure to document it all on Facebook, Instagram and tumblr  with my trusty i-Phone. I almost have a seizure trying to hold in the evil giggles try to escape from me at the thought.

Oh won’t our high school reunion next month be fun when everyone has seen that “Big Football Stud” Kenneth Greene wined, dined and bedded Robyn Kerns…. Formerly known to school mates as Roger Krebs, the big dorky nerd….

Pay back’s a bitch and now so am I……Yes, this is going to be one fun night.

~Shea Clarke
May 31, 2014

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