Friday, May 15, 2015


I had a dream that I was lost naked in the cold.
The wind ripped through my body, leaving me battered, bruised and freezing.
I tried hard to walk into the wind but the force was too powerful.
I was knocked down over and over again.
Trough it all I could hear a distant laughter.
The laughter taunted and belittled me.
My body was bruised and aching.
I was scared and felt desperate and so alone.
I stood there screaming for help, for rescue.
But no one came to save me.
I could hear a voice in the distance, but it gave me no comfort.
I called out, "here I am," but the voice didn't hear me in return.
I awoke drenched in sweat yet icy cold to the touch.
I realized the dream was a metaphor.
Your love keeps me feeling lost and naked, the distant voice was you.
No matter how hard I try I am left empty and cold and so alone.
Your words rip through me like the icy wind.
I doesn't matter what I say, you never hear me, or even try.

The battering and bruising are there, just inside my heart.

~Shea Clarke

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