Friday, May 15, 2015


It seemed like just yesterday, not fifty-two summers past, that he had moved her into their first and only home. 
She was so beautiful...his new bride, She was just eighteen and he was almost twenty-one. They stumbled upon their dream home by accident, a wrong turn on their way to his parent’s place from their honeymoon. 
The Realtor had just finished placing the 'For Sale' sign in the yard. When she saw the house it took her breath. He stopped the car and knew instantly, it was right…this was their home.
It took every penny of the trust that his grandfather had left him; but he didn't care. The way her eyes shone as they were handed the keys made it all worth it. She called it “their castle” and said she felt like a princess. She was right, she was.

 They had raised two boys and three beautiful girls there. They celebrated holiday after holiday and one happy anniversary after another, each perfect and special....because of her and the loving care she put into each and every one.  
He smiled thinking back…it wasn't just holidays; everyday was special because of her...until that day last August. The day he had to say goodbye. 
The day his princess had became an angel. Now, nothing felt right or the same anymore and it never would again. The house once filled with love and laughter, was now quiet, cold and lonely.

Fifty-two summers ago on the night that they moved in, she lovingly placed two chairs and a small table next to the magnificent window overlooking the courtyard where the sun set each evening. 
She had called him in; flashing that smile that captivated him since the first time he had laid eyes on her and asked him to come sit with her. They sat in front of the window holding hands across the little table and watched the sun slowly vanish from sight. 
She softly sighed a content, blissful sigh and looked at him with those sapphire blue eyes and made him promise that every evening for their rest of both their lives, they would sit here and watch the sunset together; and that they did. 
With the exception of the five times she was in the hospital after having their children, they never missed a one.

He had promised… and he would rather be hanged than ever break his word to her.

 So, every evening, he carefully and lovingly carries the box containing her ashes down to the little table and sits across from it as the sunsets.

~Shea Clarke
Jan. 11, 2014

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