Friday, May 15, 2015

September 11, 2001 Written for WRDW News

My baby is a little less innocent today. 
I tried very hard to shield her from the news reports and discussions as to what happened in NYC and DC, but it was impossible to keep it completely from her when even the cashiers at the grocery store were bringing it up for discussion. 
She was and IS terrified.
She keeps asking why those men were being mean and why they wanted to hurt people.
So, together she and I sat and cuddled on the sofa and watched a bit of CNN, I held her tight and we discussed it as best as we could.

 I then took her to a prayer meeting at our church. After hearing Pastor Scott she felt a little better. I also allowed her to watch the president's address at 8:30, so she could hear him say that the "bad men" would be punished.  
She is now asleep but she went down very restless.
I am feeling so many emotions tonight, that my head is pounding from all the thoughts and feelings I am processing.
I am so angry that this has happened …that so many innocent people were slaughtered for no reason. 

I am so hurt and upset that my child went to bed feeling scared.
I am so devastated at the thought that never again will I feel safe. 
I hate the fact these men are from a place and a mentality that hold no regard for human life.
I feel so guilty because I have selfish thoughts of gratefulness and relief that everyone in my own life is safe and sound.
I am feeling confusion as to why and how this could happen. 
I feel anguish for the people that are sitting home tonight grieving for their lost husbands/wives/mothers/fathers/daughters/sons.  
I am in a rage that these horrible people have basically raped our country. We are now hurting physically, emotionally, spirituality, and financially.
I wish that I could just take my child and move to a quiet, peaceful, little Island where she could grow up in paradise and never feel fear or hurt or confusion.
 I am just really sad that my little girl, who is not yet even 6 years old, lost a bit of her innocence today.

Shea Clarke

Written for WRDW News

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