Saturday, May 16, 2015

Would You

Would you miss me if I died? would you even notice....
Sometimes I think I am invisible to you.
Does it hurt you to know I cried? Or do you even notice...
You hurt me and then act as if you haven't a clue.
Someday you will have to look back...
Do you think you'll feel regret?
Do you you think the love and kindness that you lack...
will be easy to forget.
How many times can I forgive?
How many empty promises can you make? 
Each and every moment of hurt and anguish that I live...
Completely drains me and another piece of my heart it breaks.
I wish I could capture the happy times...
The times you act as if I matter.
I wish I could lock them safely under glass.
Then when you leave me cold and emotionally tattered...
I could break inside the dome... and in your pseudo love I could bask.
Does this rhyme hurt you?
Does it make you cry?
Does reading it rip your heart out onto the floor?
If it does, please try to remember that ache.
Try hard to hold the pain and hurt inside you deep.
So next time you see that my heart is about to break,
The vows you took will matter, and promises you've made you'll keep.  

~Shea Clarke

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