Friday, May 15, 2015

News Paper Editorial ...Aiken Standard....08-31-2011

I find it disgusting, disturbing and well...very poor journalism to have highlighted Michael Vick and his obscene and undeserving salary from the Eagles.
He is a cruel and heartless convicted animal abuser/murderer. Nothing that has come out of his mouth since his release from incarceration has been sincere or apologetic about what he did and allowed to happen on his property.
Each statement has been put together by his management all for the sake of endorsements.
Dog fighting is cruel, violent and barbaric. They forced dogs to tear apart smaller "bait dogs" during training, then forced them to maul each other for amusement and monetary gain.
When a dog loses or is no longer in prime condition, that animal is then killed.
People like Vick are the reason that Pit Bulls are feared, misjudged and banned.
It's not the Pit Bull that is dangerous and should be feared, but the so-called Humans that raise and train them.
Even if you look aside from what Vick has done, another huge issue arises.
 In this time of economic strife, when unemployment is facing so many and people are losing homes and having financial difficulties, I think it's a travesty that he is being paid that obscene amount of money.
What has this man accomplished to earn so much?  Because he can play a sport?
The mega-salaries should be awarded to school teachers who help mold our children, the future of our country. To the police officers, firefighters and armed forces that risk their lives every day to serve and protect us all.
Why should someone that has been convicted of a crime (and accused of many others), be rewarded a kings ransom because his can catch or throw a ball?  
And people wonder why our world is in the shape it's in....

Shea Clarke
Langley, SC

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