Friday, May 15, 2015


Darkness descends upon me.
There is no way to stop it and no light bulb bright enough to erase it.
I can feel it pulling me downward…Completely evaporating my entire being.
Every sound is out of tune…every sight out of focus.
The air is cold and harsh, yet my body is too numb to feel it.
I am like Alice spiraling out of control down the rabbit hole.
Everything spinning about and rushing past me at a hundred miles per hour…
Yet, I see myself moving in slow motion. So slow I seem distorted.
As I spin out of control, I see the faces of people I know as I pass.
They seem so close, yet when I reach out to touch them, they aren't there.
I hear myself scream deep inside my soul. A scream only I can hear.
There is no way out…No way to stop…No one can help me.

All I can do is close my eyes tightly and hope for eternal slumber to come and end my pain.

~Shea Clarke

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