Friday, May 15, 2015

From Playpen to Prison Cell

I read something in the news last week that broke my heart.
Two little girl's ages five and six killed the six year old girl’s three year old brother.
Together they held him down and smothered him with a pillow.
The family was, according to the paper, well known by the police. The parents were going through a divorce and the Mother had recently been arrested on battery charges.
The children in this story have witnessed both parents arrested for domestic violence and drug charges. The mother of the five year old, and the grandmother, twelve year old sister and the father of the three and six year old, were all in the house when it happened.
What is going on in our world today? These are babies. What would ever make a small child do something like this?
I am grieving for that baby boy and also for those two little girls. His tiny life was ended and theirs will never again be normal and carefree. It makes me weep to even think of it.
The police have ruled it was not an accident, that the girls were deliberate in their actions. The girls and their siblings have been removed from their parent’s custody.
They are too young to be charged, so this little baby boy has died and no one will answer for it.
This made me feel physically ill.
Now, of course I don't think a five and six year old should be put into prison… That would be ridicules…but shouldn't the parents be held accountable?
Why were three small children playing unattended outdoors? Why had no one had checked on them or noticed they were up to something?
It's so sad that in our society in general, children are the last priority on the list of “things to do”. They aren't taught to love, respect and to deal with each other in kindness. They are left to fend for themselves, to learn in the streets. It's so horrible.
Children are a product of their environment.
Mommy and daddy are their role models. If they see daddy hit mommy and mommy throw things and scream at daddy, this is how they think people should be treated.
If they see their parents exhibit no respect for human life, how can they be expected to?
If these children are killers at age five and six, what are they going to be like as teenagers and adults?
It amazes me whenever something happens and a kid kills someone, they always say the same thing, "He/she was quiet, a loner" Were they loners by choice or because lack of interaction with parents left them unable to form relationships?
I would love to be able to raise my children in a different time.
Back in the "Leave It to Beaver" days when children didn't know what a divorce was. Mom was home full-time, and their dads worked Monday through Friday 9 to 5. On Saturdays the family spent quality time together and on Sundays they went to church and worshiped together.
A family meant something and children didn't roam the streets. They weren't left unattended to fend for themselves. Life was carefree, uncomplicated and happy for children. Wally and the Beav went to school without fear of being shot, and the worst thing your big sister did to you was tattle you ate cookies before supper. No one was trying to end your life before it really even began.
When will we realize that if we once again made our families the most important things in our lives that maybe our children could live and grow without fear, hurt and tragedy.

Written By - Shea Clarke

August 28, 2003

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