Friday, May 15, 2015



When you're nice to me,
When you touch me, kiss me, even just hold my hand....
It's like Heaven....beautiful Heaven.
When you call me baby,
When you look at me and smile with your eyes so deeply blue...
It's like Heaven....Beautiful Heaven.
I never want it to end.....but, then it does.
I mess up, I am stupid,
I make you angry and cause you to hate and despise me.
That is when that Heaven quickly transforms to Hell.
The hurt, the loneliness, the ache.
The pain is unbearable...
I am to blame....Nothing I can do to make it change.
I am exiled from your Heaven and banished to Hell.
Nothing can save me....that is nothing but your love.
Sadly, that seems to be lost of ever...
So, therefore, I am fucked.
Doomed to burn till I exist no more.
You are my savior...
But, I have been cast out of your grace.
My fate is sealed...
It is finished and I am to blame.

~Shea Clarke 

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