Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lake Winter

She drowned in Lake Winter. that's what he would be told.
She smiled to herself at thought of the look of pain his  face would possess at that moment.
He would be eaten up with guilt and regret.
She knew exactly how he would react.
His mind would replay the horrible things he had said...his last words to her.
He would feel sick and tears would stream down his face.
He would hate himself, maybe even try to take his own life...
Of course he wouldn't have the courage to succeed...the spineless jerk.
She leaned forward and felt herself slip from the dock into the dark, icy water.
She smiled up at the moon, so beautiful and full.
Revenge was hers....She had won.
She drowned in Lake Winter, she sang her body became submerged.

~Shea Clarke


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